District 36 hare dirt bike scramble | Randy Lawlor

Randy accounts his goggle mistake that almost cost him his eye sight.


District 36 hare scramble | Randy Lawlor

District 36 hare scramble

On my 5th birthday I got my first dirt bike a PW 50. I always had a dirt bike growing up and upgraded in sizes until I was 27 years old. In 2012 I sold my dirt bike to help buy my first Rickter and pursue my love of Freeride (Surf Jet Ski Riding). I have stayed pretty busy since selling my dirt bike with having two boys and jet skiing a lot. I have always missed dirt bike riding these past few years. A couple months ago my buddy Tony was selling his 2016 KTM 300 XC-W so I bought it! We went ridding a couple times with the crew when my buddy Rich Saum told me a lot about the District 36 hare scramble he was doing last year and convinced me to race a couple rounds with him this season. 

Waht Jet Ski (Freeride) Looks like

Jet Ski (Freeride)

Randy Getting Muddy

Randy Getting Muddy


The first hare scramble of the year was Prairie City GP. Unfortunately it rained a lot prior to the race and was scheduled to rain all day  on race day. Needless to say, I did not prepare with the right gear for that kind of weather. I had never been to a race like this, so at the starting line it was pretty intimidating. There was 300 riders in different lines getting ready to start the race. I was in the dead center of everyone and it was pouring rain. Each minute they were releasing rows of riders. Each row was a different class. After the first turn I was in third place. I quickly moved to second place and shortly after I was able to make a pass for first place in my class.

Randy and Burley
Randy mud life sporting RIZNWILD hoodie
Can't see no problem | Roosted in the eyes


The pack quickly came to a hill climb that had down riders all over it, the chaos began. We were in a traffic jam! The classes that were released before us and after us were everywhere. I was able to pass several more riders from the pack, when all of a sudden my goggles became two muddy to see through them and I had to take them off. Mistake #1.

Randy and his son's
Lawlor Bro's

We ended up doing 4 laps of 11 miles each in some tough mud conditions. On the last lap I got hit in the eyeballs by some roost off another rider and it started to bother me pretty bad. I was struggling to see with all that mud in my eyes. I did fall 4 times throughout the race but ended up finishing 1st place in my class and 9th place overall out of 300 riders.

Riding Crew Trophy's in hand

Riding Crew


After the race I started to clean out my eyes which were really bugging me horribly by this point. I had to have my wife drive home because it hurt to bad to open my eyes. My vision was extremely blurry. I ended up going to the eye doctor the next day to find out I had a 1.5 x 2.5 millimeter chunk out of my cornea. I got some antibiotics but was only seeing 20-200 when I had 20-20 before the race. This lasted a little over 3 weeks before my vision started to get better. It was a pretty scary feeling. I went went back to the eye doctor for a checkup and they said things would heal up and I should get all my vision back over some time. Overall I had a blast on my first hare scramble and can’t wait for more to come. Lessons learned always wear your goggles. 

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