Pismo Freeride 2018 Photo Gallery Live

Great seeing the team and friends at Pismo

Great seeing the team and friends at Pismo

Pismo once again did not disappoint. The sun was out all weekend pushing 80 degrees every day. Cali, there is always waves which we also had in our favor. What makes Pismo so awesome is that it's only $10.00 a night to camp. You can camp next to your best buds, and you can party or just hang out with the crew. You choose what you want to do and nobody pressures you (sometimes). That's what makes Pismo so fun. You can mob from camp to camp till you hit the right one that suits your personality, and you get to meet all sorts of different peopleĀ from all different parts of the US who we all share the same appreciation for this sport. You have the dunes behind you and the ocean in front. No matter what you're into you will find something to do at Pismo.

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Good times catching up with all our fans and customers we thank you guy's for repping RIZNWILD and just bringing what you got to have a fun time. Pismo is not a contest it's a gathering of everyone who shares the same enthusiasm & passion for getting out and being active and doing positive things. We had a blast chatting with everyone and meeting the next wave of riders who are entering into this lifestyle.

Can't wait for the next one March 21-24 2019. #RIZNWILD

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