Zack Bright Takes 1st in AM | 2019 Super Hooligan Moto Beach Classic

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From Zack Bright' s @zbfreeride instagram:

Stoked on 1st Place at the #motobeachclassic in Hooligan AM the other weekend! I Had a goal to win one round this year and with getting my FTR mid season and only making 3 rounds of the @superhooligans I wasn’t sure I could do it...and I got a W! Also ended up in 6th place overall in the entire series, 2 points shy of 5th which is the legend @jolenevanvugt! Pretty pumped on that! Coming into the race I was super nervous with it being on asphalt since I really didn’t want to wreck my brand new machine out there, missed 1st practice (I need to show up earlier 🤦🏼‍♂️) only had a few laps spun in practice 2 then somehow I ended up qualifying second! Time to make shit happen! Was able to get a great start in main #1 and steered around carnage to take my first win, thought that was it for the day until Silva asks why I’m not geared up for main #2 and I’m like wait we race again!? 🤣 Had pole position and got a holeshot again and was able to stay smooth to take the win giving me a 1-1 for the night. Incredible feeling of accomplishment. I can’t thank @brewsed enough for lending me the rear wheel and allowing me to pit with the @rolandsandsdesign @rolandsands team every round I could get to. When I first asked if it was possible to use it his response was simply “ride motorcycles, have fun” and that’s definitely what has been going down! Big thanks to @northcountyindian for supporting me and my bike! Thanks to @oetuning for tuning this bad girl up and unleashing its inner beast. Thank you @riznwild for the support and clothes through the years, @seaweedandgravel for the love and sick gear, @coneeng for the slip on with @imfreakinugly and @lopemanmotorsports help keeping it on the bike, @indianmotorcycle for showing me love and posting me at the races showing what’s possible on a basically stock FTR that gets rode to and from work can do on the track 🍻 on that note, with all the broken pegs and beat up bikes from the weekend, my bike sustained zero damage and the stock suspension that I didn’t even adjust handled that jump like a champ! Got some irons in the fire to try and hit the 2020 season hard. Who knows, maybe hit the whole series?

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