Meg Conroy | JetJam Round #1 was awesome

Meg Conroy Jet Jam Round 1

Meg Conroy Jet Jam Round 1

JetJam Round #1 was awesome

We got to race at the Nautical in Lake Havasu, Arizona. This was my first time racing here, first time for everyone since they use to have the World Finals there. I thought it was awesome for JetJam to bring racing back to its old spot. (Home of the original World Finals location back in the day). The JetJam racing crew put this event on and I think they nailed it in many ways. The track was rad, it was a tight track which made it more fun. The finish line was right up against the shore and we got to pass by everyone standing up against the rail and it made you feel like there was a lot of people watching and everyone was only looking at only you.



I raced in the class called Ski GP Stock-Women’s class. This was my first time racing my stock ski since I’ve always had my limited. I was so happy to race in this class because the class was full of my friends that are locals in Havasu. Racing against your buddies is always a blast you can be competitive but yet you just want to ride and have fun. My first moto was on Saturday I finished 3rd right behind my competitor and was on her tail the whole time. My second moto I didn’t have the best start but pulled it together and passed who I had to gain spots. My lanyard actually popped out and I had to put in back in real quick and got up and started to go again! haha, that’s racing.  I managed to get 2nd in this moto so that was cool.

Sunday was even more fun. Moto #1 I got 2nd and it was rough out there. The winds were blowing so it got a little cold and sketchy. I wanted to push myself and I finished off where I wanted to be in this moto. My last moto of the weekend I also got 2nd. I got to chase the 3rd place racer during the race and was able to pass her coming out of the splits.

We also were racing during a fire! Body Beach caught on fire and we got to race and see it almost like it was up close from the distance. Everything about this weekend was rad I couldn’t have asked for more support and I’m very proud of myself. Everyone I talked to loved this race, people were coming off the water shaking hands and talking about how much fun they had out there batteling with there buddies or people they just met. What an awesome weekend!

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