How to Install a Hydro-Turf Mat Kit | Team Rider Mark Gomez


Ever wondered how to install the turf on your ski the right way? Check out this clip that Gomez just put out!

Description from Mark Gomez's YouTube Channel:

I recently purchased one of the last of the legendary, 2-stroke 701 Yamaha Superjet's (1996-2020). My goal with this ski is to have fun being able to ride buoys around body beach and race lites class in some local races. The stock mats from the factory are terrible! It is a no brainer that the first modification I recommend to all superjet owners is a mat kit from Hydro-Turf. This is an installation guide for applying this kit. Thank you to TC Freeride for letting me commandeer the shop for this install video. I ordered my kit with Black Molded Diamond material, 9mm Plush Under pad, and the new 2" Corner Kick wedges. You can order these kits with peel and stick adhesive (PSA), but for stand up jet skis in high temp environments, I often recommend installing with contact cement. All of the products are available directly through Hydro-Turf and the links are included below. Thanks for watching!


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