No Blowsion Surf Slam for 2019 and Beyond

Randy Lawlor and Pete McAfee Competing at Surf Slam 2014

Randy Lawlor and Pete McAfee Competing at Surf Slam 2014

The Blowsion Surf slam has come to a end after a decade. The Blowsion Surf Slam has created a decade of great memories for us and many others. The Surf Slam definitely completed the mission to be the most legit Jet Ski Freeride Competition in the world. We are looking forward to seeing what Blowsion creates next!

Official Post From The Blowsion Facebook Page

-Posted April 12th 2019 via Blowsion FB-

Thank you to all who have made the Blowsion Surf Slam the pinnacle freeride competition for the last 10-years. Looking back to a summer weekend in 2007 I sat with John Dady, our founder, friend, and President on the beach of Tierra Del Mar after another successful Blowsion Beach Party. As we poured Hefe’s from the keg hidden in the bed of his truck, we talked about how we could take the Blowsion end of summer customer appreciation party and combine it with bringing the best freeriders in the world to Pacific City. After round-tabling for several months, we came up with a plan to hold a world class Freeride event in the same location that our regular crew both rode and vacationed at regularly. I will admit I was reluctant at first and proposed an alternative location. However, John was adamant that it would take place at Tierra Del Mar Beach rather than go to a more commercial location. With his school boy Catholic charm, John went to work and got Pacific City to buy into the event and then assembled the most passionate group of individuals within our industry to execute the event. We were off and running! After 5 exciting years, we set a goal to complete a 10-year run. Mission Accomplished - Thank you!

With excitement for new endeavors, we are announcing the 2018 Blowsion Surf Slam will be the last. We are aware this announcement will inherently generate some questions, so let us quickly squash any misconceptions, falsehoods, conspiracy theories and general off the wall forum talk. Why is this going to be the last Surf Slam? We were honoring John Dady’s plan to carry out this event for 10-years and we have plans to further continue to support the Freeride community on a broader level in the future. Stay-Tuned!

Blowsion would like to thank the businesses in Pacific City for welcoming us each September. We also thank the riders for traveling to this unique location like no other on tour. Our fantastic sponsors, who without your support of this event, it would not be possible. The Blowsion staff, who put in all the extra hours to make Surf Slam such a special experience. And most of all, the spectators who have supported and traveled to this event year in and year out.

Lastly, thank you to Nestucca Valley Fire & Rescue for keeping everybody safe in the water, Mike and Dawn who have announced every event, all the Judges who have frozen in the tower, George Moore for his Bobcat skills, beach security Kurt and Erik, Rob Guistina, Neil Baldwin and Evan Kilkus from On Course Events, and our fearless IFWA Tour Director of Operations, CarolAnne, as without you none of this would have been possible and Finally Kristy Dady for your incredible support.

There will be other events to follow at this location, as Blowsion understands the allure of the powerful Pacific City waves. We will always be fully supportive to riding in Pacific City. Just do us a favor, if you end up in Pacific City, we hope you enjoy our little town, have a beer at Sporty’s, rent your home from Seaview Rentals, eat at the Grateful Bread and most importantly don’t ride at the Cape! If you end up somewhere else, enjoy that too. Ride On……


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