2021 RIZNWILD Easter Bunny Coloring Contest

We are hoppy (happy) to announce the first-ever RIZNWILD grom coloring contest. A total of $150.00 is up for grabs! We hope you are enjoying time with your friends and family. We came up with this fun activity for the groms to get a chance to win some gift cards so they can keep looking fresh in that new RIZNWILD gear just in time for summer.

Here are the rules and details:

The age brackets are:
1-4      YEAR-OLDS
5-8      YEAR-OLDS
9-12    YEAR-OLDS


To enter you must:
  1. Download this JPEG of the RIZNWILD EASTER BUNNY and print it out.
  2. Color in the RIZNWILD EASTER BUNNY with any medium of art supplies you have on hand (crayons, pens, markers, paint, watercolors, pencils, etc).
  3. Tag us on Instagram/Facebook with the child holding up their artwork along with what age they are so we can add them to the correct age bracket (more details on this below).
  4. To enter; kids must show themselves in the picture you send to us, so we know a kid actually was involved/in the area and colored it, also the kids must be in the age brackets we have posted above to enter.
  5. This is only open to countries we currently ship to. If you’re not sure, go to our website and see where we ship. (USA, Canada, Japan).
  6. One entry per child
How winners will be picked:
  • INSTAGRAM – We will create a list of names basses on DM’s, story tags, or post tags and keep a running tab on our end. (but remember that tags don’t always notify us, so it’s best to DM us all entries just in case).
  • FACEBOOK- We will create 1 post on this, all entries must post under that original post ONLY!! We will create a list of names based on this on our end.
  • We will assign a number to each social media handle name that enters a submission for the kid, and we will sort them by age. When it comes time to pick the winners we will use a random number generator to pick the winning numbers and whoever matches that number will win. (It seems complicated but trust me it works).
  • The last time to enter your RIZNWILD EASTER BUNNY will be 11:59 PST on 4/4/21 we will pick the winners on Monday at noon PST Live on Instagram.
  • One child will be chosen per age category (3 in total) and will win 1 $50.00 e-gift card to be used on our website. (This e-gift card does not expire and we will only issue you one). That’s 3 winners at $50.00 each!! for a total of $150.00
  • We will contact each winner via DM to claim their prize.
By downloading the RIZNWILD EASTER BUNNY you are consenting and or agreeing to let RIZNWILD re-post your child’s picture and artwork on our website and social media pages. 


We want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter! We hope this can bring some fun and excitement to your family’s holiday.
2021 RIZNWILD Easter Bunny Coloring Contest
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