Hot Water the Movie | Behind the scenes with Mark Gomez & Larry Rippenkroeger

When we heard that Larry Rippenkroeger was making a movie based on jetski’s called ‘Hot Water The Movie’ we could not have been more stoked for its completion, and to get the chance to watch it. Even better, our good friend and rider Mark Gomez was going to be a part of the film doing what he does best, executing insane things with his high-performance stand-up jet ski. Here is a little of what Gomez had to say about his part of the movie on his YouTube channel:

In 2019 I was hired to perform stunts by my childhood Jetski hero Larry Rippenkroeger who has shot and directed the recently released Movie “Hot Water.” Hot Water is an exciting and fun action-comedy based on the story of an up-and-coming jetski racer. Filled with lots of funny moments that were inspired by actual events on tour back in Larry’s career. The movie is available on multiple streaming platforms by simply searching “Hot Water Movie” or you can watch it on Amazon Prime with the link here.

W A T C H – B E L O W!!

We hope you guys enjoy the video and can get a glimpse into what all went into making this video! Let us know what you think of it?

Check out our sick ass RIZNWILD hoodie that Gomez was repping in the video 😜

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